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MCU upcoming movies - IT , Tolkien , TCAF 2019 and other ..

As I’m not a writers , I don’t really know how to write an opening for any article or blog ,English is not my first Language , or either I have learned it in school , so long story short, let’s dive directly in .

During this weekend , May 11 and 12, 2019 ,Toronto reference library will host TCAf , Free comic Art festival, in the heart of Toronto, for all of us who are comic creators, writers ,collectors , enthusiasts , fans , geeks , nerds , who don’t love anything more that spending perfectly sunny spring Saturday, attending panels , discussions, comicbook signings, watching as cosplayers show off their amazing creation , standing in line for our posters or books to be signed by our favourite artist .

Not every city is capable of bulling such an amazing event together , brining artists from all over the world for their fans to meet and greet for free, Only in Toronto .

on a different note , it has been a tuff week for the Geek and Nerds community “My self included hopefully in that community “ , No , Not for end game , yet yes , it is GOT , HBO did not shy away from disappointing us for the past 3 weeks , wracking all what we dreamed for and discussed and invested our time in for the past 8 years .

I’m not going to dive deep in to discussing what had , should have , and could have happened , and why for the love or R’hillor would they do such a thing to us .

this discussion have been covered over and over by Amazing Bloggers , you tubers , fans , and angry crowd ,Just Google GOTS8 , to understand the magnitude of the unprecedented back lash that D&D had faced over and over for the past few weeks , even thought I think they disserve it for underestimating their Audience , yet I doubt that they’ll ever learn and change their ways.

On a different note , IT just launched their chapter 2 trailer, hope it stays true to the original “King” content

On the other hand, the Adaptation of Tolkien life “biography” on the big screen , is coming this spring ,while I’m dreading this but it’s an evil I’ll have to face , as Tolkien is the God of all fantasy literature,worlds and universe, I doubt that this move will do him justice , I wish they can prove me wrong .

Walt Disney studios announced their upcoming motion pictures movies details till 2022, for all of us enthusiasts out there that means one thing ,Upcoming Marvel and Star wars movies

Disney studios now acting like a cat marking it’s own territory, booking release dates way far in advance, for any competition to know that these movies will be released by these dates, what do we have to learn from this chart

We have 8 untitled MCU movies scheduled to be released 2020 – 2022 2 for 2020 , 3 for 2021 ,3 for 2022

Studios did not yet announced titles of these movies ,and additional movies maybe added in the future

It maybe Dr. Strange 2 , black widow , Eternals movie, Black panther 2 ? who knows

But wait , what about Spiderman , will the active share movie rights between Marvel and Sony will end with Spiderman far from home , that means all the rights will go back to Sony studios , so in the future we may see Spiderman vs Venom ?

We know that D&D are going to have their own star wars trilogy to write , but is that still the deal , we still have information to learn in the studios , hoping that the studios will acknowledge the controversy that followed GOT latest season and would keep that in mind

Well , that is all what I’ll have to say today

As you can see all dates and releases from this link

Excelsior! (I don’t own the rights of the phrase but it’s sounded as good way to end , R.I.P stan lee )

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